Visually capturing the moments of life that will never happen again.

You can have cookie cutter photos that look like everyone else's or you can let me capture the true emotions of your beautiful day that will never happen again and let them live on for generations to come.

  • Do you want to capture forever the moment your heart grows when you see your child for the first time?
  • The embrace when your father sees his baby in her wedding dress?

That is what I give to you.

As an award winning photojournalist and documentary photographer since 1987, I have been honored to capture authentic moments in life that will never happen again - making them last forever.

Family and Wedding documentary photography by Cliff Etzel

A documentary family and wedding photographer should be all about telling a story. It’s about weaving the images together to tell the tale of your day.

You may look at my photographic work on this website and see that my work is somewhat different from “the traditional family or wedding photographer”.

Essentially, documentary photography is best described as a natural form of storytelling photography in an authentic, real world way.  As such, I practice these core philosophies in my work:

  • I’m discreet and unobtrusive
  • I absolutely won’t take over your photo session
  • Essentially I’m a guest at your family or wedding documentary session
  • My style is completely candid - Authentic, unscripted and not directed.
  • I use the best print and album companies (archival prints and premium album publisher)

Most of all, I hope you like my photographic work and I’d love to visually tell your family or wedding story.

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