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  • The barista & the customer

    When framing and a decisive moment intersect. The lighting, the framing and the conversion to black and white seem to just all work. I was waiting to order coffee at Archive Coffee & Bar in Salem, Oregon.

  • Archive Coffee #2

    The continued exploration of everyday life. While waiting for my coffee order at Archive Coffee & Bar in Salem, Oregon, I looked to my right and saw this image. Having a short telephoto lens attached, I snapped several variations of this image, but this one stood out the most to me. Having pre-visualized it as…

  • Archive Coffee

    Middle of 2019 I was in Salem, Oregon where I stopped by Archive Coffee & Bar for some quality coffee while out shooting some street photography. This moment happened as I was taking a sip and fortunately had my camera turned on with a medium telephoto attached. I was able to quietly snap two images. I previsualized this…

  • Podcast: The Visual Storyteller – A Philosophical Rant

    The Visual Storyteller podcast discusses the inspiration and philosophical perspective of being a documentary photographer and why today’s photographers should look to the masters of the genre’ for inspiration.