Photofilm: Emily Proudfoot – Artist

Project Brief

An audio slideshow of a photo story only for my community visual journalism site Lane County 360

Project Specifics

Another story told in the voice of the subject.

Emily Proudfoot is a Eugene, Oregon based artist. I had originally shot a single portrait of her to showcase her artwork on my community visual journalism website LaneCounty360.

I decided to go back and shoot for a couple of hours and interview her about what she does and why as an artist – to have her tell her story in her own voice. This story is told in still images with an audio narration by Emily – what I like to call a “Photofilm”.

I’ve really begun to strip back much of my multimedia storytelling work to the bare essentials and feel that this form of storytelling media is so under utilized in our hyper visual culture. It melds the best of both worlds – a sequence of compelling still images and the subject telling their story in their own voice.

Project Notes