“Your family life… Documented.”

Every family has their own unique story – what’s yours?

What is Family Documentary Photography?

Family Documentary Photography preserves the story of your family life right now: nothing posed or directed; authentic moments, beautifully photographed.

It’s having your family documented in an authentic, intimate, photojournalistic style. Whether it’s a few hours of your every day life or a big moment like the birth of a child, these sessions allow me to document a small slice of what life is like for your family in a given moment of time. At the end of each session, you are left with images that tells the story of your family and provides a historic family heirloom to look back upon.

The family photo documentary sessions I offer:

Day In The Life Session

Day-In-The-Life-Of (DITLO) sessions provides your family with an opportunity to tell a more complete story of a day in your lives in an authentic way.  It’s based on the book series from the 1980’s that showcased life in a 24 hour time frame in various parts of the world.

“Documentary photos of everyday moments are a great way to share your lives with family far away.” Having raised three children myself (and losing my youngest), I understand that raising a family is both busy, beautiful and not to be taken for granted. Real life isn’t scripted. There is always something to be done – meals to cook, hands to be washed, and laundry to be folded. It’s an ongoing process and the days can feel like they blur together. Sometimes the chaos feels so great, that you forget to see the simple beauty (I know this from personal experience).

During a Day In The Life Session I spend ten hours photographing the everyday life of your family. This is the core essence of what I do in my work for you. No outfit coordination, no posing, no perfect moments. I capture the authentic, present moments as they unfold before my eyes and camera lenses. I visually document your family unscripted and unposed so that in the future, when your grown children move on into their own adult lives, you can look back and remember that in the middle of all the craziness that we call life, there was, and still is, love.

Family Life 1/2 day Session

“Every family has a story” – These sessions are similar to the above Day In The Life Session.  Instead of spending the entire day with your family, I visually document your lives in a span of 4 hours, typically from either morning til lunch time or late afternoon til bed time. I know that a lot of life and love occurs between those hours and I’d be honored to visually document it for you.

family documentary photography by Cliff Etzel

Legacy Session

“What do you want to remember?” Do you know a couple who have been married for 40 or more years? Celebrate and honor them with a Legacy Session. During these sessions, I come and photograph the couple in their home. These sessions are typically a mix of environmental portraits and documentary photography. After the session, the couple will receive a beautiful collection of images in a custom designed printed book that celebrates them and their love for one another.

Birthing Documentary Photography

As a father who helped deliver two of my three children (one at home, the other in a doctor’s birthing room), I have a special connection to this life changing event. This is a private, intimate life event, and I understand the sensitivity of visually documenting this time for you. For the parents to be, especially the mother, having a baby is one of the most powerful, emotional, and miraculous moments both parents can experience in their lives. I include up to 10 hours of coverage. I specialize in documenting the actual birthing process and the emotional reactions as they unfold before me. After your baby is born, I stay to capture those special first hours as you, the parents, become acquainted with your new little one.

End of Life Photography

An emotionally difficult time for your family.  I understand the nuances of what’s needed in producing this visual record for your family and have personally lived it myself.

The compassion and sensitivity to document your loved ones passing is a very private and emotional time.  To understand what’s entailed, you can learn more here

Family Vacation Documentary Photography (2+ days)

“It’s important to document the big things as well as the little things.” A unique opportunity to document your family while vacationing, capturing those unique experiences that make up one of a kind memories.  I’m available to travel to just about any location and document as many aspects as possible of your family activities and quiet moments.

This is a premium offering and as such, should be discussed in detail so that I can provide for you what you’re looking for.

Contact me for a consultation to discuss what you’re looking for.  Until then…