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  • Contrasting Colors

    Pops of contrasting colors in this moment sitting at Sweet Cheeks Wine Bar at 5th Street Market in Eugene, Oregon.

  • Serendipity in Red

    There are times I wonder how an image unfolds before your eyes in a way you would think was planned. I was trying to compose something interesting at the 5th Street Public Market with the red umbrellas when this woman literally walked in front of them. I was able to fire off three frames before…

  • Late Afternoon Light and Shadows

    Looking for pools of light resulted in this street photography image while walking around 5th Street Market in Eugene, Oregon

  • Red Phone Booth – 5th Street Market

    It feels like I’m getting a better sense of anticipating and capturing random, decisive moments in my street photography work. This image was shot at 5th Street Market in Eugene, Oregon and would have been nothing special until the person walked through the bottom left of the frame, adding just that little bit of something…

  • American Flag – Eugene, Oregon

    Creating more street photography around my home town of Eugene, Oregon looking for common color themes and decisive moments. This image just spoke to me in it’s nuanced symbolism of what seems a long gone time of civil discourse and tolerance that once made this country great. These days it seems the total opposite.