Always Be Ready

Street Photography by Cliff Etzel

I tend to see moments in everyday life, especially in my home town of Eugene, Oregon.

Small town street photography is more challenging in my opinion due to a lesser degree of shooting opportunities that many can find more easily in larger urban places like New York City and other major metropolitan areas.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to capture moments, as this image shows.

I’ve learned that if you’re serious about documenting every day life in your local community, you have to have your camera at the ready.

This image happened while I was sitting in my car waiting at a stop light. I thought how interesting the building color looked and at that moment this man had just crossed the street and started walking in front of the building. My camera was sitting next to me in in the passenger seat and I was able to snap off a handful of images as he drifted through the frame.

Everything came together to capture this fleeting moment, never to happen again.

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